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Repeal the Winter Overnight Parking Ban
(Parking ban only in the case of snow)

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November 20 City Council Meeting Result:
Deny shortening dates of parking ban: 22 in favor, 2 opposed

November 8 Committee Meeting Result:
Shorten dates of parking ban: 1 in favor, 5 opposed, 1 abstain, 1 absent

October 16 City Council Meeting Result:
Trial repeal: 7 in favor, 17 opposed (motion failed)
Send petition back to Committee: 2 in favor, 22 opposed (motion failed)
Deny petition: 21 in favor, 3 opposed

October 4 Committee Meeting Result:
Outright repeal (approve petition): 0 in favor, 7 opposed, 1 absent
Trial repeal: 2 in favor, 5 opposed, 1 absent

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We need 10,000 wet signatures from registered voters in Newton. We encourage you to print the petition form and circulate it among your friends and family.


Our team is also happy to drop off blank forms or collect signed forms: just call or text us at (617) 644-6996‬

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Newton's winter overnight parking ban is outdated, unnecessary, and exclusionary. It presents a huge burden to households with more than one working person, multigenerational households, disabled and/or elderly people, and generally people of lesser means. Leaders of Newton's Public Works, Fire, and Police Departments have stated that the ban is unnecessary, and we proved it during the early COVID years.

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Team Members

Vote Yes to Repeal the Winter Overnight Parking Ban:Jim Cote, Co-ChairJeremy Freudberg, Co-Chair and TreasurerMailing Address: 102 Clark Street, Newton MA 02459